Minutes and Agendas


Agenda and Minutes of committee meetings









Please bring this document with you.  Copies will not be available at the meeting.





Welcome and Apologies for Absence.


Minutes of AGM on 13 February 2003 (abstract attached).  A limited number of copies of the full minutes will be available at meeting.


Chairman’s Report.


Treasurer’s Report and Adoption of Accounts for year ended 31 December 2003.


Election of Officers (namely Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Treasurer, Minutes Secretaries 1 and 2, Planning Secretary, Web Master, Newsletter Editor and Ordinary Committee Members.


Election of Independent Examiner’ and new Life and Honorary Members


Open Forum.


·            Nominations to the Committee or for any post may be made by any member provided it has the consent of the nominee.  Nominations can be made at the meeting but it is helpful if they are submitted in advance to the Chairman.  We are keen to appoint new, younger and female members to the Committee.

If you wish to propose a resolution please give it in writing to the Chairman at least 7 days before the meeting. 




Ian Smith, 79 Maplehurst Road, Chichester, PO19 6RP
01243 771792 E Mail: iann@tesco.net
Vice Chairman:
John Herniman, 8 Graffham Close, Chichester, PO19 5AW
01243 527374 E Mail: john@dherniman.freeserve.co.uk

AGENDA for Committee Meeting 15th May 03 at 7.30pm in St Michaels Hall

1. Apologies for absence and welcome to visitors

2. Minutes of Committee Meeting held on 10th April 03

3. Matters arising

4. Treasurers Report

5. Membership Secretarys Report

6. Planning Secretarys Report including comments on
Hunters Way application.

7. Reports from other Committees ie Goodwood, Cragg,
Transport Forum

8. Newsletter, Editors Report and comment on new

9. Summer Party. Details of arrangements needed.

10. SRA Website Update
11. Visit to Graylingwell grounds in June. Date required.

12. A.O.B.

13. Date of next meeting 26th June 03 at 7.30pm. in St Michaels Hall



Present: Ian Smith (Chairman)John Hernimam (Vice-Chairman & Newsletter Editor)Alan Deller (Treasurer)Peter Bickley (Minutes Secretary)Sophie Rudge (Membership Secretary)Craig Rathbone (Planning Secretary)Jim Ayling, Robin Bell, Derek James, Dennis Martin, Gerry Wheatley and Ian Wilson Visitor: June Spirit

1. Apologies for absence and welcomes
(a) Apologies received from Mike Berry and Owen Evans.
(b) Robin Bell (new member, co-opted at AGM) and June Spirit (visitor) were welcomed on their arrival during item 6.

2. Minutes
The minutes of the meeting on 20 February 2003 were agreed.

3. Matters arising from the minutes

4. Treasurer’s report
Investment account: £5,488.20. Current account: £170.33 plus outstanding lodgement of £50.00. It was agreed to pay the insurance premium that had risen by £10.00.

5. Membership Secretary’s report
298 paid-up members. Satisfactory for April.

6. Planning Secretary’s report
(a) University College: reported addition to main complex. No objection from SRA.
(b) Graylingwell: concern expressed that link road from Barnfield Drive into Graylingwell may create rat run into Summersdale, as Highways have stated that altho’ road meant to deter thro’ traffic it will be used by public transport & there will be link to Summersdale. Graylingwell Working Party to write to WSCC.
(c) White Lodge: reported application approved.

7. Reports from other committees
(a) Airfield: GW reported MB attended last meeting. As number of complaints listed unexpectedly low, GW queried and 8 added – still low. GW has written to relevant authority expressing concern re accuracy of recording.
(b) Airfield: GW reported MB’s report of Airfield’s desire to remove poplars on West perimeter on ‘safety’ grounds. SR, a pilot, considered unnecessary. GW to ascertain whether this was an invitation to comment & how to influence outcome.
(c) Motor circuit: GW reported noise limit breaches up 12% on last year. Although planning consent was conditional on limits not being exceeded, District Council added subsequent rider that they would not enforce. GW will pursue with DC. Robin Bell expressed an interest in his capacity as District Councillor.
(d) Fireworks at Goodwood House: noisy display at 10.30pm on 2 April deplored. Agreed that GH should be asked to forewarn local residents, including SRA who could publicise, in the interests of neighbourliness.
(e) Chichester Residents’ Associations Co-ordinating Group: represented at Annual Parish meeting. Report on public planning debates will go with recommendations to District and City Councils; JH to obtain and circulate short version.
(f) Structure Plan: public inquiry to be Summer/Autumn 2003. Possible softening of strategic gap policy noted with concern.
(g) South Downs National Park: public inquiry to be held prob Nov 03. 72% of respondents support: some local authorities oppose.
(h) Transport Forum: College Lane footpath to be upgraded.

8. Newsletter
Will include invitation to Summer Party. Will also include community information. All asked to submit copy to JH (deadline 15 May).
9. Summer Party 14 June 2003
Agreed no music as people prefer to talk. All to consider how to boost numbers.
10. Brandy Hole Lane closure
JH reported that everything that should have been done had not been (eg legal notices). No official reasons for seemingly inexplicable inactivity. Reassurances had been received about footway upgrade but no date. Consultation on CD awaited.

11. College Lane
CR reported no queues into car park following his contacting traffic inspector who presumably had spoken to gatekeeper.

12. Website
Agreed to upgrade hosting (cost £77pa) to make access and updating easier. All keen that site should become a ‘must visit’ for members, which would mean keeping it up to date and monitoring ‘hits’. CR was thanked for his work.
13. Prospectus
Agreed to have 500 printed for distribution in Croft Mead and Winterbourne and Maplehurst Roads. Amendments to tabled version agreed: PB to give updated version to JA who will arrange printing and folding. PB was thanked for his work.
14. Any Other Business
(a) South Downs National Park: DEFRA acknowledgement noted.
(b) Portman Building Society voting form: Treasurer was asked to vote against demutualisation candidate.
(c) One Stop Shop: becoming a litter and antisocial behaviour black spot. Agreed to write to CDC about graffiti and rubbish, Police about absence of law enforcement (noted precept of £16.8m shifted from business to residents), Martlett Homes about and owners recommending reinstatement of electric doors.
(d) Graylingwell: IS reported in course of arranging escorted trip round estate.

15 Future meetings
15.5, 26.6, 11.9, 23.10 & 11.12.03 and 8.1.04; AGM 12.2.04, usual time and place.



Minutes of Committeee Meeting
St. Michaels Hall on 15th May 2003

Present Ian Smith (Chairman)
John Herniman (Vice Chairman)
Michael Berry (Minutes Secretary)
Sophie Rudge (Membership Secretary)
Committee Members: Jim Ayling, Derek James, Craig Rathbone, Gerry Wheatley, Ian Wilson.
1 Apologies for absence
Received from Peter Bickley, Alan Deller, Dennis Martin, Owen Evans.

2 Minutes of Meeting held on 10th April 03
These were accepted with minor amendments.

3 Matters arising
Graylingwell Sub-Committee: Concern for future potential rat run for cars as buses and cyclists to be allowed to cross by an east-west route. John Herniman to write C.D.C. J.H.
Airfield: Safety concern for aircraft taking off. Agreed not likely to be a hazard, maintain status quo.
Goodwood Fireworks: Next occasion, 6 June, posted on web-site. Gerry Wheatley to thank Goodwood Estates for information. G.W.
Vision for Chichester: Copies handed to Committee members for response at next meeting. All
Brandy Hole Lane: Diversion still not implemented, Notices etc. not posted. S.R.A. have written County Council requesting clarification.
One Stop Area: Residents dumping rubbish, untidiness, undesirable activities on the Green, under age drinking, etc. John Herniman to write to C.D.C. expressing S.R.A.’s concern. J.H.
Prospectus: Vote of thanks to all Committee Members who delivered leaflets.

4 Treasurer’s Report
Investment Account: £5488.20
Current Account: £24.96 £100 to be drawn from Deposit Account of which £83 is the cost of Web site changes.

5 Membership
302 Paid up Members of possible 400. Annual subscriptions now due.

6 Planning
1 Hunters Way: Care Home for 6 people managed by company called “Dignity”. 35 objections received by Council, but S.R.A. had no grounds for objection. S.R.A. could not make moral judgments but would always be concerned if there was increasing commercial development in a residential area. City Council had already approved.
Trees: Trees being removed in Brandy Hole Lane, Committee to be made aware where necessary.
7 Reports from other Committees
Goodwood Circuit: Noise from circuit exceeding specific noise limitations but C.D.C. have taken no enforcing action. Gerry Wheatley to write C.D.C. questioning lack of action.
Letter to arrive before Circuit meeting in late June which Gerry and C.D.C. will attend.
CRAGG - next meeting 24th June in the Assembly Rooms.
Concern for rapidly deteriorating delivery service of Royal Mail. Gerry Wheatley to write to Chichester Observer complaining on behalf of S.R.A. G.W

8 Newsletter
The Committee were asked for immediate amendments as printing would take place the following day 16th May. John Herniman and others were thanked for their contributions. J.H.

9 Summer Party
All usual arrangements in hand. Invitation to all members by Newsletter. Councillors to be invited. Committee were requested to attend at 6.30 p.m. All

10 S.R.A. Web Site
Craig Rathbone was thanked for his work in setting up the Web Site. Apart from Minutes and Agenda being available to the membership, access was now available to a message board, news announcements and events. There was a Neighbourhood Watch page and ability to correspond with the Chairman and all members of the Committee. The address is sra@1colony.com.

11 Visit to Graylingwell grounds
The Committee was invited to meet on Thursday 19th June at North Lodge 7 p.m. to look at the trees and buildings in the grounds. Afternote: Chairman has confirmed date. All

12 Any Other Business
Notice Boards, extra ones were not thought necessary and maintenance was always a problem.
Feedback from leaflet drop, none as yet!

13 Date of next meeting – 26th June 03 at 7.30p.m. in St Michaels Hall.

M.J.Berry 22.05.03